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Growing up on a self-sustaining certified organic farm, I learned at an early age how to grow and raise all types of food naturally. From growing all types of crops, to milking & butchering livestock, I did it all. Then, after traveling the World as a model and being lucky enough to taste what so many amazing regions and cultures had to offer, I fell in love with the world of culinary arts. I attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School  in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating top of my class, in 2008, I went on to work in a World-class restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA, and as a private chef.
As a mother and trained chef, I believe it is my duty to grow healthy, fresh food to feed my family. Great pride comes from growing food in my backyard organic garden, then preparing it for my loved ones. This practice has allowed me to teach my son where real food comes from and how it's the foundation of a healthy life. It's become clear that my greater obligation is to share what I continue to learn with others, so they may also experience the same health and happiness with their own friends and families.